Find a way to access your power to change your future = Now


Find a way to access your power to change your future = Now**

Oliver Grantham discusses the concept of time, emphasising that the past and future are representations rather than reality. It suggests breaking free from the constraints of past, present, and future by cultivating a change in consciousness, with a focus on hypnosis. Oliver encourages utilising imagination and willpower to shape a desired future and cites principles from Einstein, Peter Trucker, and Patanjali.

Audio 2024-02-21


The Bird in the Heart: Terry Tempest Williams on the Paradox of Transformation and How to Live with Uncertainty

Recognising that you are a creature of habit can be one of the first steps to changing those habits…

We live as patterns unaware of perpetuating themselves, our aching resistance to change reflected in the routines and rituals and relationship formulae out of which we build the superstructure of belief that houses all of our actions, reactions, and choices.


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About Oliver Grantham

Founder and Practice Manager of the online virtual clinic. With a background in professional teaching and training management and advanced hypnotherapy and life coaching, I lead the team members of clinical practitioners and associate members that contribute to the resources and live therapy, counselling and life coaching services that that are provided in this virtual private clinic. Quals: LL.B (Hons), (Solicitors), PGCE, D.Hyp (NCH)