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Get downloads from our practitioners. Listen to the latest members only podcast. Only by registering on our website.

Guidance & Advice

You might have dipped your toes in the water in the past, tried downloads and YouTube. Go to the next level by gaining practical knowledge and insights from some of the best practicing experts in their field who see real clients, just like you.

A Perfect Match

Why be bound to geographical limitations, unknown online therapists or impersonal, sterile download sites? Let us help choose the right hypnotherapist for you by getting to know them first. And there’s no hurry, In your own time and only when you’re ready.



And apply the power of hypnosis and self development in your own life

Are you curious about hypnosis, self development and do you want to learn how to apply it to in own life?

If you’ve ever thought about or ever wanted to these kinds of things, then you’ve come to the right place:

You’re curious about hypnosis, therapy and self-help personal development

Perhaps you’ve dipped your toes in the water, and now you really want to discover how it can really help you in your life from practising qualified experts

If you’re thinking about seeing an expert hypnotherapist to help you with your particular worry or concern

You want to take a little time to choose the right hypnotherapist for you

You have an interest in the wider context of self development, mindfulness and life coaching

Stay connected with hypnosis expertise, wherever you are:

When you register with OHO, our specially selected, fully qualified and experienced hypnotherapists will help you do all of these kinds of things and more by:

Explaining what hypnosis and hypnotherapy is and just how it can help you

Advice and tips on how you can use hypnosis, creative visualisations and meditation and other self development tools and techniques to improve your daily life

Learn and apply real-life solutions to real-life problems that will empower you to continue your own personal life’s journey


Lurk or get fully involved

Part of our roadmap is to set up a community where you can discuss and get support from others, including hypnotherapist moderation, advice and comments. Coming soon.


…with the right hypnotherapist for you

if you want to see a therapist, practitioners will personally connect with you at your own pace – so you can get to know them better to enable you to make a more informed decision about your choice of therapist

Free from your local geographical limitations, your hypnotherapist will be fully certified and based in the UK

Helping you begin your own self-development journey

Regardless of whether you choose a practitioner from this site or from somewhere else, choose the hypnotherapist that just ‘feels right’ for you.