…in a crowded field

Are you providing what you know to be an excellent hypnotherapy service in what is an oversubscribed profession? You’re struggling to get noticed? You’re struggling to get out of the geographical confines of your locality by going online, but it’s a lot of effort and just isn’t working for you?

If that’s you, then I’m inviting you to join us as an Associate Practitioner (presently free of charge so you’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain)

As an Associate Practitioner, you’ll be able to:

Have your own profile to promote what you do and what sets you apart from the rest, to a wider audience on the web and to a growing number of online clients registering with us

Post articles with links to improve your own site’s SEO

As our client membership grows, an increasing opportunity to intake your own clients from those you’ve already helped on-site

At this time, time of launch, there is no fee for Associate Practitioner membership, though this may change in future as it grows.



Showcase what you can do to potential clients, with a guest blog post, or a download. You could even be a guest on my podcast show to shamelessly promote yourself!

As an Associate Practitioner, you can post support resources as a ‘taster’,such as audio and video as either free or paid resources to really showcase what you’re all about

You could also be a guest on the newly-launched onlinehypnotherapy podcast show


Reveal and promote our greatest strength to combat the AI and download site threat

The way in which many professions, including hypnotherapy and life coaching, is changing, and not necessarily for the better.

If we’re not careful, soon will be gone the days of the personal ‘connection paradigm’ where how we’re truly helping our clients will be lost – the ‘magic’ of the interpersonal connection

Are you as concerned as I am about AI, IR4, and the very concerning impersonal online hypnotherapy download sites sprouting up everywhere – wondering where that might leave you? It’s a true and present threat that provides us with the opportunity to reveal and promote our greatest strength, the magic of the personal connection with our client, AND we can use the forever evolving digital tools to promote (not destroy) this paramount aspect of what we do.

We’re better, together.


If you:

Have been in practice for a minimum of 3 years or more

Believe you’ve doing something ‘over and above’ that of an average hypnotherapist in some way by the nature of how you provide your service

You’re integrating and continuing to develop the online element of the service you provide

You’d like to really help online hypnotherapy centre members in this way, with everything from explaining and demonstrating techniques and models and how you apply them

Then I’d love to hear from you. Just complete the application form…