Cheyne Towers at Glastonbury Hypnotherapy

Oliver Grantham in discussion with Cheyne Towers from, discussing the effectiveness of online hypnotherapy, the importance of self-communication, the power of imagination, the role of hypnotherapy in overcoming trauma and addictions, and the significance of creating rapport and providing a safe space for clients. Cheyne emphasizes the need for courage in seeking help and taking the first step towards positive change.

Introduction to this online hypnotherapy episode

Oliver Grantham speaks with Cheyne Towers of where Cheyne shares insights into the effectiveness of online hypnotherapy but also emphasises the transformative power of changed self-talk and personal transformation through hypnotherapy.

The Transformative Power of Hypnotherapy

The discussion covers a variety of thought-provoking topics, including the unique benefits of conducting hypnotherapy sessions online, the profound impact of asking the right questions to provoke self-reflection and change, and the critical importance of individuals changing the narratives they tell themselves to foster healing and growth.

Cheyne Towers’ Client-Centric Approach

Cheyne, with over 20 years of experience, illustrates his client-centric approach to therapy, stressing the importance of rapport, trust, and the targeted application of hypnosis techniques. He shares personal anecdotes and client experiences to highlight how hypnotherapy can be a pivotal tool in overcoming deeply ingrained negative self-perceptions and patterns.

The Inspirational Journey Towards Healing and Change

This podcast episode is not only an exploration of hypnotherapy as a field but also serves as an inspirational call to action for individuals facing challenges. The journey towards healing begins with the courage to take the first step and engage with therapies that offer new perspectives on personal challenges.

Discover More About Cheyne Towers’ Hypnotherapy

Listeners are encouraged to explore more about Cheyne Towers’ work through This conversation promises to be just the beginning of an ongoing exploration of therapeutic approaches that advocate for a more compassionate and mindful engagement with oneself.

A reminder that you can take that very first brave step and contact him at

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About Cheyne Towers

Having studied directly for four years as a personal student of the late Vernon C. F. Bell (a founder member of the British Association of Therapeutic Hypnotists in 1951) Cheyne has a wealth of experience as a Hypnotherapist throughout the past twenty years. He has successfully helped people from all walks of life to free themselves from all manner of challenging life experiences. Cheyne's insightful, gentle and caring approach assists his clients to develop the Mindfulness of Self-Communication, and the practical application of a unique therapeutic method which he calls The Dialogue of Self Liberation.